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Instrumental Music Production Commission

Est. 2017

Original Song Commission

If you want me to arrange your original song or compose backing instrumentals for your games, the pricing is as follows:


  • Short Length (Under 2min) start from US $250

  • Full Length (3min or more)  start from US $350

Note that I do not create lyrics and also melodies for original song (unless it is a BGM for games or else).

You will be delivered 3 files: Mastered.mp3, Mastered.wav and Unmastered.wav

Please contact further for any other inquires.

 Cover Song Commission Pricing

  • TV Size (under 2min) start from US $180

  • Full Size (3min or more) start from US $280


Price will vary depending on the complexity of the instrumental and amount of instruments. It is also negotiable. The pricing for arrangements is the same as instrumentals, though it may be more expensive if arrangements are special.

Basic price (US $180/US $280) consists of 5 tracks of instruments (2 Guitars, 1 Bass, 1 Drum, 1 Piano/Synth)


Please note that New Released songs will be more expensive compared to Old songs. If you need the instrument fast, you will need to pay for express service. Please contact me further regarding such matter.

For Special Arrangements, you can request me to add specific instruments. Please contact to discuss with me.


Important Dissclaimer

- I prefer Japanese/anime songs but I also do non Japanese related songs.
- I don't do EDM / Classical / Acoustic Songs / Electronic Songs, 

  but you can always check with me about songs with mentioned genre.

- Please contact me beforehand so I can let you know whether I am able to do the song or not.

- For other genres of music, please consult to me through my social media.


You will be given 3 files after completion:

- Mastered.mp3

- Mastered.wav 

- Unmastered.wav 


The Procedures

  • I will give you pricing quote once I receive your commission request.

  • If you agree on the pricing, there will be a payment of 30% (Cover Song) or 50% (Original Song Arrangement) of the final price.

  • I will start working then send the final sample.

  • If you do not wish to revise, you can send me the remaining 70% of the payment.

  • I will then deliver the final .zip file, with Mastered.mp3, Mastered.wav and Unmastered.wav

  • You can request for 16bit or 24bit, 44.1khz or 48khz 

  • If you have any concerns or are not comfortable with how this works, we can always work things out, we can discuss it until all issues are agreed on both sides of party.

Delivery and Notes

  • Turnaround time for instrumental is up to 1-3 weeks.

  • Turnaround time for original song is up to 7 weeks.

  • Price will change according to the complexity of the song.

  • You may negotiate for the price.

  • Maximum of 3 revisions and small tweaks.

  • New song cost $10 more. New song is counted up to 2 months of it is released.

  • Basic additional price for extra instrument is $10. 

  • You can get instrument stems for an extra of US$25 + Quoted price. All stems are on .wav. (MIDI not Included) 

  • Instrument may sound slightly different than the original.

  • I do accept composing commissions, please contact me to discuss more.

  • Please read all the document carefully.

  • Payment is via Paypal.

  • I own the rights to all of my individual STEM tracks (Recordings, Arrangement)

  • For commercial use (Digital Platform) there will be additional cost. Please consult for more info.


  • Provide the mp3 of the commission.

  • Be as detailed as possible in making the request (transpose etc.).

  • For original songs, you need to provide me with a demo to produce/arrange on.

  • For instrumental original songs, you need to provide the detail of what you're looking for sound wise, or other aspects.

bearstudio Ehite_edited.png

Interested in commissioning me?
Please contact me on social media below!

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